My name is Chris Crewe, I have learned to use a sledgehammer to make Art. I use cans of latex house paint and fine grade acrylics to make large paintings in both an abstract and a pop-art style. I believe that the sledgehammer is a magnificent paintbrush, it is delicate and clumsy; difficult to use but can deliver the most fascinating brush stroke. It is the complete opposite of the horsetail brush in Chinese brush painting. I throw around paint in different ways, smearing it on the head of the hammer, dropping a glob onto the canvas first, sometimes I fill a small vessel with paint and slam down on that. My paintings attract people who are looking for authenticity in painting, each one is a miniature explosion that was captured using polymer to record the event, it is fascinating to look closely and see that an arm of paint has spiraled around in the air 8-9 times twisting two colors together before it landed back on the canvas, I like to see how the paint jumps from the center explosion and creates small islands of bare canvas or "non-paint" near and around the parameter of the middle. I love to see all variations of color and the combinations which are created from the force, patterns that paint sometimes makes as it skips across the surface of the canvas, the indent in the cloth from the weight of the hammer, now and then breaking the fabric it pierces through to the wooden floor. Often times the paint gets angry before settling; it bubbles and mixes in strange ways, other times the dried paint cracks like the floor of a desert adding a new level of weirdness to the aftermath of the explosion. I provide a painting that is an endless source of inspiration, every time you look at one of my works you will notice something, a small nuance or intricacy that you did not notice before, it will brighten up your day and become an endless source of the right kind of energy. You will see a starting point and maybe get a bit lost; I hope that you will dream.
Chris Crewe | 2019

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Sunny Side Up | Acrylic and Latex House Paint on Canvas | 36'' x 36'' | Chris Crewe | 2019